Breeding Kooikerhondjes

When it comes to responsible breeding certain regulations are written down in the Breeding Regulations. For example: the age of the dog, health, appearance, the number of litters etc. These Breeding Regulations can be found on Breeding documents.

Bekvechten kooikerpups

It is possible for a breeder to track down certain disorders or diseases with help of the Club register. This Club register (PDF) is annually updated, the database ZooEasy online is updated at least four times a year.

It is also possible for a breeder to get more recent information from the secretary of the Information Committee. A list with available studdogs is obtainable at the secretary of the Information Committee. The up-to-date studdog list is also available on this website on the public part of Breeding documents

For VHNK members health information and conformation reports are available on this website. These documents are collected on a private part of the page Breeding documents. This part is accessible to approved users only. To be approved, you must first register.


Breeding and evaluation

When the bitch of a member is bred or when a member makes his dog available for breeding for a non-member it has to be reported to the Breeding Committee. This Committee will check then whether or not the rules, written down in the Breeding Regulations, are complied with. If so, the litter of the breeder (if member of our association), might be qualified for litter inventory and a place on the puppy-information list.

Application forms for this examination are available at Breeding documents of this website. Please apply before the mating because the breeder and the dog-owner both have to sign the form. You will also have to download a form from the Dutch Kennelclub website: Mating declaration PDF. If necessary, these forms are also available at the secretary of the Breeding committee. The Kennelclub uses a term of three weeks.

Dekking Kooikerhondje

Sire registration

Application forms for the registration of sires are available at the secretary of the Information Committee and at Breeding documents.

DNA profile test Dutch Kennelclub

For information about a DNA profile of your purebred dog see the Dutch Kennelclub website.

Also we refer to the following links for everything in general that concerns breeding (in dutch):