Breeding Kooikerhondjes

Provisions regarding responsible breeding are included in the Association Breeding Regulations (Verenigingsfokreglement or VFR). These are provisions related to the age of both male and female, health, exterior, number of litters etc.

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With the help of the club register, a breeder can check which abnormalities and diseases are present in the ancestry of a dog. This club register (PDF) is supplemented annually, the ZooEasy online database is updated at least four times a year.

For the most recent information, a breeder can contact the secretary of the Information Committee. Here, one can also obtain a list of available stud dogs. Although it’s easier to view the Studdog list online.

On this website, VHNK members can also consult health results and show reports. Plus they can view some Powerpoint presentations (in Dutch) about having a litter and ‘Your male as a stud dog’. These documents can be found in the Members section of Breeding documents. To be able to see them, you must first register or, if you have already done so, log in.


Mating and assessment

As soon as a member has his bitch mated with a male of a non-member, the male must also comply with the breeding regulations, or the mating will not meet the requirements. The mating of the bitch of a non-member with the male of a member must also be reported to the Breeding Committee by the owner of the male dog.

The committee will assess whether the VHNK member has complied with the breeding regulations. If so, the litter is eligible for litter evaluation and placement on the list of breeders.

All forms and documents related to breeding mentioned here, can also be found under Breeding documents.

Application forms for this assessment are available online Application form mating – online and as a Word document: Application form mating – Word. Make sure to print the latter before the mating takes place, as both breeder and stud dog owner must sign the form.
In addition, you must download and fill out the Mating declaration form (PDF) from the Dutch Kennenclub website, or fill it out online (after registering there). You can also obtain a printed version of this mating declaration form from the secretary of the Breeding committee. The Dutch Kennelclub applies a term of 3 weeks.

Mating Kooikerhondjes

Stud dog registration

Read a step-by-step plan with the requirements to prepare your dog for being a stud dog here (in Dutch): How does your dog become a stud dog?
Registration forms (in Dutch) for placement on the stud dog list are available online: Registration stud dog list online and as a Word document: Registration stud dog list Word.
For more information you can contact the secretary of the Information Committee.

DNA profile

For information about and to request for a DNA profile of your dog you can visit the Dutch Kennelclub website.

Matters concerning breeding – Dutch kennel club (in Dutch):