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DNA testing for Von Willebrand’s Disease (vWD), Hereditary Necrotizing Myelopathy (ENM) and Polymyositis (PM) is performed at the Veteranarian Clinic of the Utrecht University in the months:

January – March – May – July – September – November (uneven months)

All samples arrived before or on the first day of these test months will be tested. Results usually follow at the end of the test month.

Please note that samples are sometimes received with a delay due to mail delays, so the result may be known up to two months later than expected.

  • The DNA test for the PM gene can be performed simultaneously with the DNA test for vWD and/or ENM.
  • If a DNA test for the dog has previously been carried out, the stored material in Utrecht can be used for the other tests. You only have to complete the online form stating the DNA number of the previous test result.
  • If your dog has been genotyped via Embark, of these three tests only vWD is included.

VHNK members, both in the Netherlands and abroad, can get subsidy for DNA testing and genotyping. See: Subsidy arrangement

The results for vWD, ENM and PM are entered by Utrecht University into the Fit2Breed breeding guidance program, provided permission has been given.
A declaration of consent for sharing your dog’s information can be found in the form of a Qualtrix on the website:

The results of the vWD and ENM tests are shared by Utrecht University Clinic with the Dutch Kooikerhondje Association and are entered in the Club Register and ZooEasy.
Fit2breed is updated periodically with data from ZooEasy, among other sources.