DNA test dates
DNA testing for VWD and ENM (incl. PM via Fit2Breed) at the Veteranarian Clinic of the Utrecht University will take place:

January – March – May – July – September – November (uneven months)

Samples arrived before or on the first day of every test month will be tested. Results usually follow at the end of the month.

Keep in mind that samples can be delayed at the post and therefore results can be published later than expected.

If you have requested an examination for the combination: test for VWD/ENM and PM, you will currently first receive a result for VWD/ENM. The PM test is performed by another department and will follow later.

DNA analysis for ENM can be conducted simultaneously with DNA analysis for VWD. When VWD has previously been tested and isolated DNA is stored at Utrecht, sending a test form will be sufficient.


VHNK members, both in the Netherlands and abroad, can get subsidy for DNA testing and genotyping. See: Subsidy arrangement