With the Fit2Breed software it is possible to analyze all important data (disease data, results of screening examinations, risk estimates and breeding value estimates, results of monogenetic DNA tests and SNP data for genetic variety) and thus arrive at a scientifically supported breeding advice. For the breeder this means that he can fill in his female in the module, after which he gets a list of all males, sorted by suitability. It is also possible to enter a desired combination of a male and a female, whereby it is then indicated whether or not this combination is suitable.

For the system to run as well as possible, it is very important that as much data as possible is entered into the system.
A Beta-version of Fit2Breed is now available.

Below are some references that are useful around Fit2Breed:

  • Webinar Fit2Breed project
    For more information on the Fit2Breed project, watch this recording of this webinar on the subject.
  • Account request Fit2Breed
    To create an account for the use of the Beta-version of Fit2Breed.
  • Feedback Beta-version
    In order to provide us with feedback on the use of the Beta-version please use this link. Your feedback is used in order to improve Fit2Breed!
  • Permission to use DNA results / SNP profile
    Through this link it is possible to give subsequent permission to use DNA test results in Fit2Breed. You can also give permission to use any available SNP profile of your dog in Fit2Breed.
  • Permission to add your e-mail adress
    Use this link if you want to add your e-mail address to your dog’s page in Fit2Breed.
  • Request Embark profile UU
    If you want to apply for genotyping through Embark, you can order a test kit at reduced rates through Utrecht University.

Any questions following this page? Then take a look at the Frequently asked questions.