Frequently asked questions

No e-mail with password
I haven’t received an e-mail with my password

Reply: Your password is sent by the e-mailaddress ZooEasy This e-mail is sometimes placed in your spambox. Verify wether this isn’t the case. If it isn’t, please contact the administrator of ZooEasy online.

Login problems
I have received my username and password, but I can’t log in.

Reply: When you’ve entered your logindata and clicked on the button Login to ZooEasy Online, the box Administration will appear with the text “Vereniging Het Nederlandse Kooikerhondje”. After that you also have to click the button Login to administration.
Use the e-mailaddress on which you have subscribed and don’t forget to check the boxes.

Reset password
Is it possible for me to change my password? It’s not easy to remember the password I received

Reply: The password you received is generated by ZooEasy and it is not possible to change it into your own password. You can request a new password any moment. It will be sent to you directly by e-mail and can be used instantly. Don’t forget to check the box ‘Remember password’ the first time you use it.

Search for specific dog
I can’t find this dog

Reply: The easiest way to search for a certain dog is by pedigree number or (part of) the pedigree name. Given names are not in the database. You could enter part of the pedigree name or number and use a wildcard * for the parts you don’t know. This will show all the dogs that are in the database with that name or number.

Keep in mind that special characters have to be entered correctly. You may choose a wildcard instead. N.B. A wildcard has to be placed before or after the search value, not in the middle.

Percentage of inbreeding in pedigree
What is the meaning of the percentage of inbreeding shown in the pedigree?

Reply: The coëfficiënt of inbreeding is a percentage showing the amount of inbreeding in a certain animal. This is measured based on the complete pedigree. On the basis of date of birth, the animals are ordered in a list. The degree of influence a related animal has on the coeffcient of inbreeding depends on its generation level.
The lower the percentage, the less inbreeding has occured.
At this moment ZooEasy calculates the coefficient based on five generations.

No addresses or phonenumbers
I can’t find addresses or phonenumbers to contact the owner of a studdog.

Reply: Addresses are private information and are not allowed to be published.
Mail addresses of the owners of studdogs are placed on the studdog list

Photo own dog not visible
I submitted a photo of my dog, but its not in the database.

Reply: At this moment very few photo’s are available. The pictures of the studdogs from the studdog list are published. Please submit photos as JPG file, stating the pedigree number. Maximum file size 150 Kb.

Only clear photos showing the dogs profile and without disturbing elements (e.g. legs, living rooms, showresults) will be placed in the database. The VHNK ZooEasy team will judge about this. Questions? Mail the team.