Polymyositis risk assessment

The Fit2Breed software is designed to analyse all kinds of important data (disease data, screening results, breeding value estimations, results of monogenic DNA tests and SNP data for genetic variety) in order to come to a scientifically based breeding advice.
A breeder can enter his bitch in the module to get a list of males, sorted by suitability. It is also possible to enter a desired breeding pair to get an evaluation of that combination.

Fit2breed will be available in 2022. Perhaps there are breeders who already want to evaluate breeding pairs, to minimise the risk of Polymyositis in their litter.

Every dog that has been tested for VWD/ENM in Utrecht, has also been tested for Polymyositis. These results cannot be published, yet they are included in Fit2breed.

If your dog’s DNA material is not yet available from a previous VWD/ENM test but you would like to add the data in the future, please refer to the document Guidelines for adding genetic marker data to Fit2Breed.

To bridge the time until Fit2Breed becomes available, Prof. Leegwater offers a temporary solution to have planned breeding pairs assessed for the risk of Polymyositis. He will assess in the sense of “high risk” or “low risk”.

At least two males, but preferably three males, must be entered per bitch. Just one of the breeding pairs will be assessed. The cost of an application is 40 euros for members and 50 euros for non-members, which will be donated to the earmarked fund for hereditary diseases.

The assessment will be communicated directly to the breeder concerned, within four weeks after the request.