ZooEasy account

Subscriptions ZooEasy en Clubregister
ZE Read-only account€ 17,50€ 42,50
ZE Breeder account€ 30,00€ 55,00
Club register PDF *€ 50,00€ 55,00
Update Club register non-members and/or no ZE subscription€ 10,00€ 10,00
ZE Breeder account together with Clubregister€ 60,00€ 100,00
 -   After first 12 months€ 30,00€ 55,00
* from 1-7-2023, the update of the club register (pdf) after purchase will only be provided free of charge under the condition of being a member of the club and/or having a subscription to ZooEasy.
Those who were entitled to a free update before this date will continue to receive it.
For the free update, the association has to have a valid e-mail address.
  • Subscriptions must be paid for a full calendar year before the start of a new calendar year.
  • Subscriptions started during the course of a year and therefore already partially paid for the following calendar year, will receive a supplementary bill for the remaining months of the new calendar year, so that thereafter the subscription will run concurrently with the calendar year.

To register for an account complete the form below and simultaneously transfer the required amount to the treasurer at bankaccount number IBAN: NL47 RABO 0328 8816 86, BIC: RABO NL2U, Vereniging Het Nederlandse Kooikerhondje; please state the reason of payment.

After the payment is received, the database manager will make the account accessible. You will be notified of this. At that moment the account is ready to use.

If the annual payment is not received on February 1st by the treasurer of the VHNK, access to the account will be blocked. If you want to regain access for an additional year, the annual increases by € 10,- due to administrative costs.

Application form ZooEasy account




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    Member VHNK YesNo

    Account type:

    I hereby declare that I have purchased a ZooEasy account, for which I will pay the stated fee annually.

    I will transfer this amount annually before February 1st to the bank account NL47 RABO 0328 8816 86, BIC: RABO NL2U, Vereniging het Nederlandse Kooikerhondje, Beekbergen. Please mention the reason for payment: "ZooEasy account" and the name as mentioned in the above form.

    ZooEasy's Conditions of Use apply and are accepted with this agreement.

    I have taken note of and accepted the privacy statement and the collection and processing of my personal data, as described in the Privacy statement of the VHNK.


    Problems with this form? Mail to webmaster@kooikerhondje.nl