Subsidy DNA testing and genotyping

de Förderregelung

New subsidy arrangement

A subsidy scheme existed for testing on VWD, ENM and PM, that provided a contribution of €27.50 per dog.
With the introduction of genotyping in which VWD can also be checked for, a new situation has arisen. The VHNK is therefore of the opinion that the previous arrangement could no longer be maintained in the same way.

Besides the importance of screening for VWD, ENM and PM, the VHNK believes that a subsidy scheme is also important for genotyping. Genotyping can be an incentive to increase the number of Kooikerhondjes available for breeding.

With more dogs being used for breeding, there will be a positive effect on maintaining the genetic diversity of the breed as a whole, which is highly desirable.
By making genotyping part of the subsidy scheme, the VHNK hopes to stimulate a more diverse use of Kooikerhondjes in breeding and thereby minimise the loss of genetic diversity.

The subsidy arrangement was therefore re-evaluated and adopted by the board at its meeting of 24-08-2023.
With effect from 1 November 2023, the scheme below will come into force whereby the previous subsidy scheme will lapse.

Subsidy arrangement for testing on VWD, ENM, PM and Genotyping

Members of the VHNK Association, both in the Netherlands and abroad, can receive €27.50 subsidy for the combination of DNA testing for VWD, ENM and PM and Genotyping.

Conditions to qualify for this subsidy

  • You are a member of the VHNK;
  • You own a purebred Kooikerhondje with an NHSB pedigree or an FCI recognised pedigree;
  • You consent to the inclusion of results in Fit2Breed;
  • You give permission for genotyping results to be recorded in ZooEasy and the Club Register;
  • You own the dog for which the subsidy is requested.

Please note – you can only get the grant for the combination of:

  • Blood samples VWD * , ENM and PM via Utrecht University
  • Genotyping via EMBARK or WISDOM

Sub-applications are not eligible for subsidy.
* VWD via a blood sample is no longer mandatory in combination with Genotyping as it is also included in the Genotyping test.

Application for subsidy

To obtain the grant, send copies of the results and a copy of the bills (in pdf format), along with a request for payment of the subsidy. You can use the application form below.

The application should also include:

  • Your full name, corresponding with the name on your bank account
    (If this name differs from the membership records, also provide your name as submitted to the membership administration)
  • Place of residence and address as known to the membership administration
  • E-mail address
  • Full IBAN number
    • For members outside NL within the EU also the Swift/BIC code
    • For members outside the EU also account number and name/address details of the bank

Subsidy will only be given if there are no payment delays.

The application must be submitted within 1 month after receipt of the most recently received results

Any questions can be emailed to

Transitional arrangement

If you have not yet applied for a subsidy under the former arrangement, and the Genotyping and blood testing for VWD, ENM and PM took place before 01-11-2023, you can still apply for the subsidy until 31 December 2023 at the latest.


Check when these tests are run: DNA test dates.