Support arrangement DNA test

For members of the VHNK, both in the Netherlands and abroad, it is possible receive a subsidy of € 27.50 for DNA-testing on ENM / VWD (including PM via fit2breed).
This subsidy will only be provided if the tested dog has an FCI recognised pedigree. DNA testing is only necessary if the dog is used for breeding.

Attention: The subsidy will only be given for the combi: “DNA screening and storage, VWD, ENM, PM via Fit2Breed”. Partial applications will not be considered for funding.

In order to qualify for a subsidy you need to send copies of the results, together with a copy of the invoice (in PDF format) to the following e-mail address, requesting payment of the subsidy.

The application should also include:

  • Your full name, corresponding with the name on your bank account
    (If this name differs from the membership records, also provide your name as submitted to the membership administration)
  • Place of residence and address as known to the membership administration
  • E-mail address
  • Full IBAN number
    • For members outside NL within the EU also the Swift/BIC code
    • For members outside the EU also account number and name/address details of the bank

The application for subsidy must be submitted by e-mail within 1 month after receipt of the most recently received results:

Note: If you have requested testing for the combination: VWD/ENM and PM, you will currently first receive the result for VWD/ENM. The PM test is performed by another department and will follow later.

Subsidy will only be given if there are no payment delays.


Check when these tests are run: DNA test dates.