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08 Nov 2020

Locatie Hanzehal

Conformation exam November 8th 2020

On the 8th of November the Vereniging Het Nederlandse Kooikerhondje will organize a conformation exam. The exam is intended for dogs that will be used for breeding. A report is made from each of the entered dogs, however no qualifications will be given.

Corona measures

Taking into account the prevailing measures concerning the coronavirus, the Vereniging has made a Plan of Action to assure that the conformation exam will take place in a safe manner and according to the prevailing measures.


Registration and payment is only possible through our website. When registering, you can choose to have your dog(s) judged once or twice. Two judges will be present this day; it is however not possible to choose for which judge you want to enter (in case of only one judging) as well as a desired time period.

Judges this day are: mrs. J. Alberts and mr. G. Mensink

The dog must be at least 1 year old on the day of the exam.

Time table

A time schedule will be made for the confirmation exam. No later then one week prior to the conformation exam each one will receive a time schedule stating what time you and your dog(s) are expected. In the case of multiple dogs entered or registration for two inspections of one dog, a division in subsequent time periods will be taken into account.

The confirmation exam will take place between 9.30 am and 3 pm. It will not be possible to enter the hall earlier or later than the time slot in which you are assigned. Preferably you come alone with the entered dog(s). Only the exhibitor will be allowed in the hall. Unfortunately we cannot allow visitors this day.

The dog can be judged this day by one or two judges. The judge, ring personnel, the exhibitor and dog are the only ones present in the ring at the moment of judging. The judge and exhibitor wear a mouth cap in the ring The mouth cap is mandatory and you must bring your own!

Cost for participation
Participation 1 inspection€ 25€ 35
Participation 2 inspections€ 45€ 55
For each dog of the same owner
Participation 1 inspection€ 22€ 33
Participation 2 inspections€ 42€ 52

Please transfer the amount due for the conformation exam simultaneously with the registration form (but no later than October 25) to IBAN number NL76 RABO 0328 3694 89 BIC: RABO NL2U, in the name of Vereniging Het Nederlandse Kooikerhondje.

Please mention the owner’s name and pedigree number(s) of the dog(s).


Registration is possible until October 25, 2020.

If there are any questions remaining please contact via e-mail: