Duck decoy tour

Time: 12:30 - 15:30
Location: Eendenkooi Waardenburg, Broekgraaf 1, 4181 AL Waardenburg

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Duck decoy tour

Date: 15-11-2024
Start: first tour 12.30 PM, second tour 13.30 PM
Duration: 2 hours
Location: Eendenkooi Waardenburg, Broekgraaf 1 4181 AL Waardenburg
€ 15,- per person for members VHNK
€ 20,- per person for non-members of the VHNK

The name of the Kooikerhondje is undeniably linked to the duck decoy. The cage owner could not catch the ducks completely independently. He was assisted in his work by an often furry, small dog: the cage dog or Kooikerhondje. In old hunting books you can read that this was a colourful dog, varying in colour from yellow to orange.

Over the centuries, a Kooikerhondje has been a faithful helper to the Kooiker. In the early years mainly as a keeper of moulting ducks. When the catching method by means of the duck decoy was introduced, the dog was an attractant for the curious ducks. Dog discipline and training are very important here. For example, the Kooikerhondje is not allowed to respond to the ducks in any way and barking is not allowed. Ducks must be ignored at all times and the Kooikerhondje receives its instructions via hand gestures.

During the walk you will go back in time, discover how things used to work around the duck decoy and learn more about the cooperation between the cage owner and his Kooikerhondje and the management of the duck decoy.

There will be 2 tours of each 2 hours for a maximum of 15 people per group. You have to travel yourself to the location. A maximum of 30 people can participate. So full is full.
You will start in the visitor centre with coffee or tea. There is also a toilet available.

A guide will explain you the working of the duck decoy using a model. Then you will take the tour into the duck decoy. Depending on the weather, boots and rain gear are required.

The maximum number of dogs for both tours has already been reached. So no more dogs allowed for registrations after July 25.

Registration for participation

Registration for participation is possible until September 25, 2024.
Within 2 weeks after registration you will receive information concerning your payment (if applicable). Only after the payment is received the registration is considered as definitive.

Would you like to participate with more people? Please note that each participant registers separately!

If you have any questions about the Duck decoy tour you can contact