Image rights

At various activities of Vereniging Het Nederlandse Kooikerhondje photos are taken. Sometimes events are recorded on film. For example club shows, Do-days, litter evaluations, walks etc.

These images can be used to post on this website or in the Club magazine (Mededelingenblad). Photos containing members of the association can also be used for press releases and such.

Great for Vereniging het Nederlandse Kooikerhondje and especially for those who are concerned.

However, it is sometimes found objectionable when photos or film images with someone in it are being made public. Naturally, the VHNK has full understanding for this and would like to handle this carefully.

The condition is that the VHNK is being informed of such an objection. So hereby we request you to inform us when we cannot freely use the photos and film images we have taken. This objection will be taken into account as much as possible. If there is no objection, there is no need to respond.

In other words, if within about three weeks no objection is received, the association assumes that photos and film images can be used freely.