A donation of € 10.000,-

The Deutsche Club für Kooikerhondje e.V. (DCK) has made a donation of € 10,000.00 available for research into polymyositis. The story behind it (in German) can be found on this website: Bereitstellung von forschungsmitteln. Because of many years of good cooperation between the various sister associations, there was such a great faith that the DCK chairman, my colleague Mr Roll, asked the VHNK for the most efficient way to donate the money. In consultation with Dr. Mandigers, the DCK, the VHNK and a lawyer devised a construction to avoid having to pay overhead costs.

The money has now been deposited into a third-party funds account and is used from there to pay for research. Management of the account is in the hands of the VHNK. In this way the entire amount can be used for research. Costs of the bank account and the administration are settled by the VHNK. We are kept informed of the expenditure four times a year by means of a report by dr. P. Mandigers.

We are very happy and grateful for the DCK initiative. One thing is certain: € 10,000.00 will help, but it is not nearly enough. Therefore, this writing is a call to donate money for research into polymyositis.

The third-party funds account will remain open for gifts from others for the time being.

IBAN NL70 RABO 0328 3693 06
begunstigde / recipient / Empfänger: Vereniging Het Nederlandse Kooikerhondje

For information you can contact the treasurer or the chairman of the VHNK.

A note from the chairman of the DCK: Bereitstellung von Forschungsmitteln

Word of thanks from Paul Mandigers: Dankwoord NL/EN/DE

Modification DNA form

A new ENM DNA-test is operative. Therefore the application form is also changed. We ask you to use this version from now on. It is available at: Documenten fokkerij – Gezondheidsonderzoeken – VWD en ENM

Ein neue ENM DNA-test ist in Kraft. So hat das Antragsformular VWD/ENM auch geändert. Bitte benutzen Sie von Heute das neue Antragsfomular. Diese finden Sie unter: Documenten fokkerij – Gezondheidsonderzoeken – VWD en ENM

New DNA test ENM

New ENM DNA test available

The DNA test concerning the ENM study was done by identifying two gene variations that are close to the suspect ENM gene.
Recently, during research by Dr. Mandigers and Prof. Dr. Leegwater, the actual mutated gene responsible for causing ENM was found. A more precise test has therefore been developed and is now available.

This new test has been used to process all blood samples that were offered in June. The results show that in a single case, the outcome can differ from the previous test.
Some carriers now appear to be free. Also, a few carriers from free parents have emerged from the retested dogs. The still available DNA material of the parent animals is now tested again.

If you have received a non-logical result from your dog or will soon receive it, we would like to hear from you. We will contact the researchers in Utrecht.

Contact us by email! info-cie@kooikerhondje.nl

When there will be new information, VHNK will inform you by the website www.kooikerhondje.nl or the official VHNK facebook page.

Kind regards by the Information Committee VHNK