Participants club show, attention!

On Thursday 07/11, the carrier numbers were sent by e-mail to those who registered for the Championship Club Show of 16/11.
It appears that this e-mail does not reach everyone properly.
Possibly, the e-mail arrives in the spam box or it does not arrive at all.

If you have not received anything yet, check your spam box. If the e-mail is not in there, please send an e-mail to .

Change of judge

Change of judge championship club show: Mrs. R. Leenen-Compen is replaced by
Ms. D.L. Striegel (bitches)
Mr. J.R. Douma (dogs)

Opendhr. W.F. Arxhoekdhr. J.R. Douma
Tussendhr. W.F. Arxhoekdhr. J.R. Douma
Jeugdmw. A.M. Reeskampmw. D.L. Striegel
Veteranenmw. A.M. Reeskampmw. D.L. Striegel
Fokkersdhr. J.R. Doumamw. A.M. Reeskamp
Babypupsmw. A.M. Reeskampmw. D.L. Striegel
Puppymw. A.M. Reeskampmw. D.L. Striegel
Kampioensdhr. W.F. Arxhoekdhr. J.R. Douma