In memoriam Mrs. H.G. Rodrigues de Miranda-Lems

We received the sad news that our honorary member Mrs. H.G. Rodrigues de Miranda-Lems passed away on 2 August.

She has been president of the VHNK from 1972 to 1984. During that period she did a lot for the VHNK, such as setting up the club register and taking care of the club magazine ‘Mededelingenblad’. She was one of the then few judges for the Kooikerhondje and judged regularly at club matches and shows. Even after the end of her presidency she continued to judge regularly at shows. The bronze Kooikerhead, which is awarded annually at the Winner, she had it made and made available for this purpose.

We wish family and friends a lot of strength.

Amended statutes

The articles of association were amended at the general meeting of 11-05-2019. At this meeting it was decided to correct the mistake in the name of the Association. After this change was approved by the Dutch Kennelclub, an act was passed at the notary on 30-07-2019. The name is now set on “Vereniging Het Nederlandse Kooikerhondje”, instead of “Vereniging Het Nederlands Kooikerhondje”.
Read the amended statutes.