The association


Willem van Oranje en Louise de Coligny
On February 11, 1967, Vereniging “Het Nederlandse Kooikerhondje” (VHNK) was founded, with Delft as its location, because of the historical relationship with Prince William of Orange.

The association is a member of the Dutch Kennel club.

The association has pdf Statutes in which the service tasks of the association towards the Kooikerhondje as a breed and its members are formulated. In addition, the association has pdf Club rules.


The objective of the association is to maintain and improve the breed, to promote the welfare of Kooikerhondjes and to promote the contact between breed enthusiasts and breeders. The association tries to achieve this by:

  • having meetings;
  • giving lectures and courses;
  • organising and supporting club shows, FCI shows etc;
  • promoting obedience classes;
  • informing its members about finding a dog, mating and in general everything that concerns breeding and raising dogs;
  • promoting a correct registration of litters and dogs in the Dutch stud book (NHSB)
  • assisting in the formation and maintenance of a decent number of show judges;
  • keeping up a register of registered Kooikerhondjes;
  • other legal means which can advance the objective, if not in conflict with the statutes, regulations and legal decisions of the Dutch Kennelclub.