Membership fees and subcharges20232024
Membership fee *€ 27,50€ 30,00
Family member *
(2nd member at same address)
€ 12,50€ 15,00
Registration fee€ 5,00€ 5,00
* Those who apply after July 1st, pay half of the annual membership fee for the current year, provided that they simultaneously pay the annual contribution for the following year.
Additional charge for members outside the Netherlands who wish to receive the club magazine by post€ 12,50€ 15,00
Additional charge for members without or incorrect e-mail address in membership records and no direct debit mandate issued€  2,50€  2,50
Additional charge if no or incorrect e-mail address is known and reminder has to be sent by post (also in case of reversal and communication via e-mail is not possible)€  2,50

Membership applications, cancellations, membership changes can be submitted by completing one of the forms below:

If you have any questions about your membership please send an email to