The club board is supported by a number of committees.

Committee for information about breeding, health and behaviour


  • Trying to improve the quality, health and character of the Kooikerhondje by giving information to breeders and owners of the dogs.
  • To bring about contact between member-breeders of Kooikerhondjes and applicants for a Kooikerhondje puppy. Condition is that the puppy has to be bred by the regulations of the Breeding Rules.
Present membership
(general info,
declarations of good behaviour, studdoglist)
Mrs. M.H. Kleinjan-Matena
(results PL, ENM/VWD, eyes)
Mrs. D. Hillen
(pupinfo, rehoming)
Mrs. C.M.L. v.d. Berg-Janssen
Tel. 0348-445811
(mon-fri 15.00-17.00 hr)
(info diseases/info other countries)
Mrs. G.C. de Leeuw- van der Wal
Tel: 0313-724015
(deceased dogs, dog surveys)
Mrs. A. v.d. Hoeven-Postma
Gantelweg 5
4286 EH Almkerk
Tel. 06-10676159
Member Ms. I. Noteboom
Breeding committee


  • To examine if member-breeders act or have acted by the regulations of the Dutch Kooikerhondje Association. This aim is also valid when a stud dog is available to mate with a bitch of a non-member.
Present membership
Chairman Mrs. R.H. Ludema-Huitema
Secretary Mrs. C.M. Warps-Weijling
Barnsteen 12
1625 RC Hoorn (NH)
Tel. 0229-233368
Member Mrs. A. Straaijer
Events committee
  • The events committee organises club shows, regional judgings, “do-days”, walks and other events.
Present membership
Chairman Mr. F. van Dorp
Member Ms. M. van Rijsinge
Member Mrs. M. Mussert
Member Mr. A.J. Floor
Member Mrs. C. Bastiaanse
Member Vacant
Editorial committee

The club board is responsible for the Announcements leaflet (Mededelingenblad) of the association, which is published four times a year and for which the services of the editorial committee are used.

Letters which are published are the writers own responsibility. Anonymous letters or letters which contain hurtful language will not be published.

Editorial address:
Mrs. E.J.C. Klever-v.d. Berg
Utrechtsestraatweg 19a
3481 LA Harmelen

Text and pictures (300 dpi resolution) can also be send by e-mail to

Website management Mw. K.C. Slotboom
Photos website Mw. M. Steenbergen
Arbitration committee
  • The arbitration committee can help settle disagreements between club board members, between club board and club members and between club members.

pdf Arbitration Committee Rules 26/06/2009

Mrs. D.L. Striegel-Oskam
8e Wijk 3
8414 NA Nieuwehorne
Tel. 0513-542015